Light – Part 2: Hope


I decided to take a moment, for those who are interested, to dig a little further into the songs from LIGHT.

This second song, “Hope“, was incredibly hard to write. I had the idea for a few lines in the verse and the chorus for years and years before I managed to “find” the rest of the song. It’s the only song on “LIGHT” that is really not designed for congregational worship, too.

Whether or not you think there was a literal Jonah and the whale event, it is amazing someone as flawed and as hateful (and racist, when you think about it) as Jonah would compose a poem and a prayer like chapter 2 of the biblical book which bears his name.

I’ve been blessed to experience the hope of God’s promise in the midst of some pretty significant challenges in my life, but nothing like the despair of certain death that is told in Jonah’s story, and nothing like the despair that so many in this world have experienced and continue to experience.

So, for those who have been in a situation where it only makes sense to totally give up… and who still trusted God… “Hope” is for you.

Hope (Jonah 2)

I went down to the countries that were underneath the earth
I went back to try to find the people of my birth
At the roots of the mountains I got lost
At the center of despair I turned to dust
But then… just then… guess what…

Hope rears His lovely head.
He’s here among the living,
His strong arm has saved.
Hope rears His lovely head.
My life has been restored again,
And I am not afraid.

I went back to the lost and lonely people from the past.
I went down to try to find a hope that would last.
I’ve been three days here in this place
Desperate, I can’t see your face.
But then… just then… guess what…

But can you find a way
To reach through this darkness
‘Cause I can’t get home.
Can’t you reach down here
And fix my broken heart amidst these
Cold dead stones
Roll away the stone…

©2015 Peter J. Hamm, All rights reserved.

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