Light – Part 3: Every Word You Say


This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT.

The third song is called “Every Word You Say“, and I wrote it shortly after that Scripture had come to my attention again because we had just done a very old song based on it for a special at church (if I recall correctly, because it was the psalm of the day).

The whole concept of God’s word being a light that shines only on our feet and where we are right now and where we are, perhaps, about to step, is one that is stuck with me for years as I’ve read this psalm. It’s the longest chapter in the Bible, and it’s devoted to the wonder and majesty of God’s written revelation to man, what we call the Bible, or the Christian Scriptures.

Regardless of what different Christians believe about the Bible, throwing around often misunderstood and sometimes misused words like “inerrancy“, “inspiration”, “authority” and others, even the most progressive of us agree that the Bible is an amazing record, an amazing book, and would probably not hesitate to say it’s “inspired” in some way or another, and the most conservative of us would have to agree that it is mysterious and strange and “other” in ways that we will never understand on this side of heaven.

So, when writing a song about the Bible as the lamp that shines our way, I simply took ideas from that amazing and long psalm, incorporating, as it does, the very tangible idea that God’s word changes us, molds and shapes us, and opens us up in entirely new ways… if we allow it…

Every Word You Say (Ps 119)

Every word you say, is a light that shines our way
And in everything we do, we want to give our lives to you
Every single breath, from our first day till our death
Gives us hope that makes us new
And so we give our hearts, we give our hearts to you.

Joy for the ones whose blame is taken away
Joy for the ones who look for the steadfast way
Peace to the ones who look for you
Your mercy and love make us all brand new

Open our eyes, and help us to always see
The wonders you make, and promises you keep
Show your power and love
Like nothing we’ve seen, Don’t let our hearts melt away
Revive us and make us clean

 ©2015 Peter J. Hamm, All rights reserved. You can buy and download LIGHT pretty cheap right here.


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