Light – Part 4: I Give You My Heart


This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT.

Surrender is a too-often neglected subject in Christian thought in the 21st century, and that’s why I tend to gravitate towards songs of surrender. Indeed, years ago I wrote this one, “I Give You My Heart,” as an extra chorus for “I Surrender All”. When I recorded it, finally, after years of singing it in churches, I was going to actually record “I Surrender All” and simply add this chorus to it, but thought better of it.

In a world where every best-selling Christian book and so many of the songs on the radio seem to celebrate God as a cosmic vending machine, I wanted to center more on the idea that there is no worship without surrender (Romans 12 anybody?).

I tried to keep the arrangement simple and honest and quiet, which is harder than doing something really upbeat and loud if you can believe it. It’s designed to be like one of the songs from Taizé. You can sing it over and over as a mantra if you wish.

I Give You My Heart

I give you my heart
I give you my heart
Jesus, my savior
I give you my heart

 ©2015 Peter J. Hamm, All rights reserved. You can buy and download LIGHT pretty cheap right here.


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