Light – Part 7: God of Light


This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT.

“God is Light”. That’s right. There is nothing dark or evil or bad or wrong in him. Nothing but light. I love how John, in his letters and Gospel, tells us this over and over in so many different ways.

I didn’t have any grand scheme, but boy oh boy, “God of Light” was a hard song to write. That happens sometimes when you start with a concept instead of a lyrical or musical hook. I wanted to write a song about the Light of God, and I ran through a bunch of choruses before I had anything I even remotely liked, and two different recorded arrangements.

Was it worth it? I hope so.

God of Light

In the silence
You spoke a word
In the emptiness
Our hearts are stirred
In the chaos of our hearts
In the longing of everything we are

You are light, you’re the God of light
You are hope and you are life
You are light, Shine your light
You are our hope and you are our life
You bring radiance to our darkness
You bring vision to our blindness
You bring healing to our sickness
You are the God of brilliant eternal miraculous light

In our loneliness
You bring your love
In the sadness
You bring us joy
In the aching of our souls to find the way
In the black of night, you bring a brand new day

©2015 Peter J. Hamm, All rights reserved. You can buy and download LIGHT pretty cheap right here.


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