Light – Part 9: You Are the Way


This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT.

When Jesus says “I am the way, the truth and the life, I think (and I’m not the only one) that he meant something beyond “I am the way to get to heaven” and such. A handful of people have pointed out that when he says “I am the way”, he might mean that his method of life is the best way to live.

I like that, so I wrote a song about it. This past weekend, when our church’s pastor was preaching on imitating Christ, it seemed only fitting to share this song, “You Are the Way“, since that’s exactly what it’s about. (But no, I didn’t just write it. It was written years ago.)

This song is a promise and a prayer all wrapped into one. I want Christ to live in me so that I can do a better job of loving my neighbor the way that He would like me to, and it’s a promise to do that, as well, to “lift my neighbor up off the ground”.

When you really mean that, I suppose it’s a hard song to sing, but I think it’s fun to do it anyway.

You Are the Way

I want to do the things you do
I want to pray the things you’d pray
I want to love whoever You love
I want your truth, your life, your way

You are the way I want to follow
You are the truth I want to believe
You are the life I need inside me
Jesus, won’t you put your love in me

I want to know forgiveness
I want to spread it all around
I want my heart to be just like yours
I want my life to make a joyful sound
The same melody they heard when you were around
I want to lift my neighbor up off the ground
I want to show all the lost that they are finally found

©2015 Peter J. Hamm, All rights reserved. You can buy and download LIGHT pretty cheap right here.


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