Methodism and Discrimination (TLDR version: NO!)

We despise it. It's that simple. As certain events have unfolded in the past few days, my social media feed has blown up with rhetoric from both sides of an issue that, in the 21st century in USAmerica, shouldn't even exist. I admit that in the midst of it all, I'm rather proud to be … Continue reading Methodism and Discrimination (TLDR version: NO!)


Light – Part 10: Holy Mystery

This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT. Communion... The Lord's Supper... Eucharist... The Lord's Table... so many names, such a mysterious event. All wrapped up in one song, "Holy Mystery". For me, God does an amazing thing here, regardless of whether you feel it's an ordinance or a sacrament (I go … Continue reading Light – Part 10: Holy Mystery