This is a continuation of my exploration of songs from LIGHT.

Communion… The Lord’s Supper… Eucharist… The Lord’s Table… so many names, such a mysterious event. All wrapped up in one song, “Holy Mystery“.

For me, God does an amazing thing here, regardless of whether you feel it’s an ordinance or a sacrament (I go with sacrament), or whether you feel the elements are really and truly changed, like Roman Catholics do, or in a “Real Presence” or a mere symbol. I have strong feelings on all that, but I’ll save them for another day.

In any case, God takes the most ordinary everyday items in our life, our food and drink, and transforms them into a remembrance of the sacrifice of the Cross. He changes the celebration of Passover into something totally new, totally final, totally accomplished, and totally mysterious.

My wording here is directly from the United Methodist Church’s liturgy for Communion, so this is a communion song.

What a mystery…

Holy Mystery

Holy mystery
You poured out your life for us all
Holy mystery
You poured out your life for us all
God of eternity
We pour out our hearts in thanks.

Let’s go into the world
In the strength of your Spirit
Let’s go into the world
Giving ourselves in your name
Jesus Christ our Lord

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