Easy Answers

I think they’re the bane of humanity sometimes.

I recently “unfollowed” a facebook friend who took a current new story and managed to twist it directly into a political attack on a political group… a group that had absolutely nothing to do with the news story whatsoever.

But Christians, especially, love easy answers. Even at a funeral for a young life that ends tragically, Christians will say that “well, it was his time” or “well, God needed another angel in heaven”, basically telling a grieving parent “Well, God doesn’t care how you feel, his plan was to do something horrible to you and your child.”

When does it end?

Jesus didn’t give easy answers. Not at all.

For all my Christian life I’ve been mystified by the way that people recommend a brand new Christian start their Bible reading with the Gospel of John. Seriously? I’ve read it dozens (maybe even hundreds) of times. It freaks me out more every time. If you can get one chapter in and say that you truly and honestly understand what is being communicated by this “logos” (word) that is described… you must be makin’ stuff up.

I’ve read, in just the past few years, books that explained the Sermon on the Mount totally differently, and all of them were compelling.

People asked Jesus why bad things happen to “good people” and he gave this really confusing answer (look up the Tower of Siloam), and it seems like half the time he’s asked a question he responds with a question that totally turns the original question on its head.

The God who did that does not offer easy answers. God offers love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance… God offers to include us all in the only family that will stand the test beyond time, the test of eternity.


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