There are a number of articles floating around about the recent Pew Research study that supposedly shows that Christianity is declining. It’s not a surprise to those of us who work in the church, but here’s some interesting thoughts from this article.

You’d think this news would concern those who care about the American church. But some denominational officials have actually been feverishly trying to put a happy face on the Pew report. Take a look at some of the quotes from these writers over the past week:

  • “It is good news for the church.”

  • “Christianity isn’t normal anymore, and that’s good news.”

  • “Christianity isn’t collapsing; it’s being clarified.”

  • “Americans whose Christianity was nominal—in name only—are casting aside the name. They are now aligning publicly with what they’ve actually not believed all along.”

  • “The numerical decline . . . is more of a purifying bloodletting.”

  • “Fakers who don’t go to church are just giving up the pretense.”

  • “Good riddance to them.”

Why is it always “good news” when people who are “nominally” Christian admit they aren’t and then leave the church. That’s horrible news. I want a church filled of those people so that they can hear the Gospel (again) and maybe respond.

“Good Riddance”? I don’t think Jesus even thought that about Judas.

When the rich young man turned his back on the faith, Jesus was sad. When people leave our churches because they can’t commit or won’t believe, we are happy?


You don’t like your church and can’t connect to God? May I suggest you try another before giving up.