The Death Knell of a Symbol of Hatred


The Confederate Flag will, before you know it, be relegated to museum status only.

It’s about time.

Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments that it’s a symbol of far more than slavery and racism. I’ve heard the arguments that southern (and northern) blacks were sometimes slaveowners and not only slaves. I’ve heard that it represents southern pride. I’ve heard that somewhere, somehow, you can find an African American or two who are not offended by it (I know a lot of African Americans, none of those are part of that group I promise you). I’ve heard all those discussions.

Gimme a break. Seriously… We all know how this symbol is perceived by people, and after Germany lost WWII I don’t think there was much of any tolerance for the “former symbol of good luck” swastika that had a great and rich history… but needed to go away.

But now even the mayor of Charleston, and the Governor of the state agree with those of us who want it gone, as both have called for its removal (which requires a 2/3 vote in the state legislature). So have the U.S. senators from South Carolina.

This is a town where the historic church that suffered last week’s atrocity is forced to list “Calhoun Street” as their address. You may not know it, but John C. Calhoun, the Vice President of the US under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson, was a staunch defender of slavery. Not only did he argue it wasn’t a “necessary evil”, he argued that it was a good and right thing.

It’s time to take the flag down and put it in a museum. Perhaps we can display it next to the swastika in the hall of shame.

But more than that.

It’s time to work hard to root out the hatred from our hearts and replace it with love.

It’s time to learn to know, appreciate and love those who aren’t like us.

On purpose.

It is time.

Farewell, Confederate Flag. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We will not miss you.


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