I saw a couple hot air balloons this morning on the way to work. Couldn’t get a pic of them, sorry. But I wasn’t the only one who was drawn to them as the line of cars waited at the only busy stop light that I encounter on the way to work. They had some message on the side, but from our angle, we couldn’t make it out.

It got me thinking… We are drawn to things that are “out of place”. Sometimes in a movie or a book, a character will emerge out of nowhere or a totally unexpected situation will develop. Sometimes we are in a store and we run into someone we haven’t seen there before, and perhaps haven’t seen in a very long time. We get an email from an old old friend who just found us on the internet.

Jesus was the master of “out of place”. People wanted him to pick up stones to throw, but he offered forgiveness and mercy. They wanted him to lead a violent revolution and he died on a cross. They expected that all hope was gone when he did die on that cross… until Sunday morning and all hope broke loose.

I wonder how I can be “out of place” today. How can I offer grace where none is expected, or favor where none is anticipated, or even just a kind word where there seems to only be disappointment… or despair…?

How can we be out of place today?