We Are Still Here

Supermoon Morning

Supermoon Morning

When I was younger, I ran in different Christian circles than I do today. I ran with people who, on the face of it, were very passionate and dedicated to Christ and expected the supernatural to happen at any moment.

I don’t want to say I grew up, but maybe I did.

Once again, yesterday, doomsayers and apocalyptic voices were silenced as the “blood moon” came… and went… without incident. I woke up this morning, and that beautiful “supermoon” was still in the sky, I was still alive, Christ had not returned for judgment, and my loved ones are still here.

I am tempted (indeed, it was my intention when I started typing) to giggle at the folks who delight in the prospect of Jesus’ return to the detriment of what appears to me to be logical thinking… but I won’t…

I do hope that folks will stop listening to Harold-Camping-esque voices of doom and gloom, and I hope they will stop delighting in the possibilities of judgment and Revelation-style horrors that lead some to make awful movies and even more awful books… but I think today I will delight in Christ. In the one who will come when we do not expect, in ways we do not expect, bringing mercy and love that we do not deserve, and simply rest in God…

Come Lord Jesus…


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