Christianity is not American

This is from a discussion I had recently on a forum. We were talking about this excellent blog post.

Here’s why “american Christianity” has lost me…

Many of the “facts” (like certain videos) that certain conservative Christians (and some who are presidential candidates) have been using for justification of our outrage at Planned Parenthood have turned out to be outright lies, fabrications used by certain people (I won’t mention the internet troll posing as a “pastor” who I’m referring to), knowingly or not, to even justify and perhaps exhort people to violence against an organization whose budget is almost entirely NOT used for abortion.

We keep telling people Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory. That is a tiny part of what they do, and most of the Christian rhetoric I’ve seen lately has been a lie. (For the record, I am pro-life.)

Jesus. would. never. do. that.

We have Christians insisting on keeping refugees out, when our Bible tells us to welcome the stranger OVER AND OVER!

Jesus. would. not. do. that.

We tell a lot of lies about guns and such, as well, among Christians. Evidently, we’ve erased “well regulated militia” from the 2nd amendment. We’ve decided that being ready to kill a stranger is some how Christian.

Jesus. would. not. do. that.

Read this next statement twice if you’d like:

When our arguments are based on lies and ignore the parts of Scripture that don’t line up with the Republican party’s positions on stuff, we have no moral high ground, regardless of whether or not our position on an issue is right. Christian or not, we become wrong. We become the enemy.


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