The Shift

My son is turning 14 this year. And he has shot up like a weed, like they all seem to do so quickly. He’s already 5’5″ and I think he grows a half-inch every time he takes a nap.

A little while ago, I noticed “the shift” had begun. Let me explain.

Phase One is where he might do some stuff as well as you do as the parent. For instances, in general, when he’s paying attention, he does the dishes as well as I do. He takes care of his laundry quite well, and even folds it after about the fourth time I ask him to.

But Phase Two has begun. I thought about this today as we were shoveling snow today. I’m old enough that I’m losing the joy (yeah, I said joy) that I used to get out of this task, popping in my iPod headphones and listening to a favorite record, new or old. (for the record, favorites for shoveling include anything by Rich Mullins, Aztec Camera’s “Knife”, Bruce Cockburn, Gungor, and U2. eclectic, I know)

And in Phase Two, Charles is now better than me at things. This is new for me, I’ll have to get used to it. It’s not just the typical things kids are better at (operating the remote control, figuring out video games, stuff like that…). He’s better at shoveling the snow and not feeling it for days. Pretty soon, it’ll make more sense for him to mow the grass than for me to (another favorite activity of mine, and no, he can’t have all of it all the time… another iPod music opportunity).

Ironically, God (our Father in Heaven, as he is called in the scriptures) loves it when we make a different kind of shift. Where we rely on him more for stuff, and not less.

So… today… let’s shift!


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