Standing Up for My Beliefs

My friend Tony was having a discussion today about how “Christians like to lust after this persecution complex.” And I had this thought as someone pointed out that movies along these lines (like the “God’s Not Dead” films) inspire them to stand up for their beliefs.

What beliefs, though?

If “standing taller for my beliefs” means fighting for or demonstrating in support of those who choose bigotry over love… if that’s “standing for my beliefs”, I don’t think Jesus would be part of those demonstrations and has little in common with those people. (Especially the ones where people hold signs that include words like “hate”.)
Too often, Christians who make news are more concerned about their right to own devices designed to kill other people or being allowed by law to refuse to bake a cake, or perhaps even to deny service to someone that is different enough from them that they fear them… than they are concerned with feeding the poor, clothing the naked… all the stuff that Matthew 25 talks about, the stuff that Jesus seemed concerned about when he walked the earth.
If “standing for my beliefs” means being an advocate for the poor and downtrodden and disenfranchised, that seems like God’s character revealed in the one who ate with sinners and died with thieves. I know ordinary people that take a lot of time out of their lives to do practical things to help those poor all over the world. I think Jesus would hang around with those people… and he’d die with them.

But he wouldn’t “fight” I don’t think… with anyone…


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