Wesley Covenant Prayer

Not too long ago I wrote a contemporary wording with music of John Wesley’s covenant prayer. Here it is… for free or whatever you want to pay.

Here’s the recording at this link.

Here’s a link to a lead sheet and chord chart if you want to use this in your church.

And here are the lyrics if you’re interested.

Wesley Covenant Prayer

I don’t belong to me, I belong to you
I belong to you
My life is not my own, it belongs to you
It belongs to you

Verse 1:
Have me do what you want
Put me with whoever you want
Put me to work, or set me aside
Let me be exalted for you
Let me be humbled for you
Fill me up or empty me out

Verse 2:
Grant me everything in you
Or take it all away for you
Give me joy, or fill my heart with tears
Because everything I have
I surrender it to you
Let me serve you, with a humble heart

Glorious God, Blessed One
Creator, redeemer, sustainer and Lord
Let this promise I make
Reach from earth to the heavens
You are mine, and Jesus, I am yours

©2016 Peter J. Hamm, based on John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer.
If you use this in your church, please contact me to let me know. Thank you.


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