My Favorite Memory

This is the first of several “song blogs” I’ll be doing to tell the stories behind the songs on “Protest Songs“. (You can listen or download for free or whatever you want to pay here.) I’m going out of order because track 7 is the most important song on here, and it’s very timely, as my wife and my 30th Anniversary was just yesterday.


This is the most personal song I’ve ever written, and it’s the whole reason I stuck all the other songs on here for you. I have a favorite memory. It’s of my then-girlfriend soon-to-be-fiancée’s smile as we were walking one day. I’ve always loved, and still adore, my wife’s smile, the way her eyes smile along with the rest of her face. It slays me every time, and immediately takes me back to that moment.

So yesterday afternoon, just before I activated the web site, I brought my guitar into the living room, sat down and said, “I have a present for you”. I think she liked it.


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