If You Can’t

This is the second of several “song blogs” I’ll be doing to tell the stories behind the songs on “Protest Songs“. (You can listen or download for free or whatever you want to pay here.) Today we’ll talk about the first song and that little intro music I added just because I could…

The intro is simply an excuse to mess around with two-voice guitar on my Line 6 Helix and grab the listener’s ear for a few seconds. That’s only one guitar, the delays on the guitar have a bit of high octave added and the reverb has a whole bunch of schmaltz. If none of that makes any sense, you should have skipped this paragraph…

I remember one time getting up early to take some sunrise photos on a vacation and wondering how anybody could see all this wonder in the universe and not see the God behind it. These words came to me, and a LOT of years later, I finished the song. Honestly, I really like it, but I can’t even tell if it’s good, so skip it if you don’t.

I admit I’m not happy with how “preachy” this song came out, and tried to soften that tone, but it didn’t capture the way I felt on that particular morning in the Grand Tetons.


2 thoughts on “If You Can’t

  1. Julie Holm says:

    In the mid 90s I went on a two week business trip training some folks in the Phoenix, AZ, area. Since we had a three day weekend, my colleague and I drove up to the Grand Canyon for the holiday weekend (it was over Presidents Day and it was a Federal Govt client). That was the first time I saw the Canyon, and I chose to hike down into it about a mile and a half. Since I was hiking alone, I joined a young family, who were, like me, fairly religious and we had exactly this discussion all the way down – how can you see the glory of the earth and not see the glory of the Creator behind it. There is, or was, at the far west end of the National Park hike at the Grand Canyon a plaque with a psalm on it. I remember that vividly. Can’t remember what psalm, but I have a photo somewhere.

    I also have a picture, from that same trip, of me standing on a corner in Winslow, AZ, but that would be a different song. . . .

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