This is the third of several “song blogs” I’ll be doing to tell the stories behind the songs on “Protest Songs“. (You can listen or download for free or whatever you want to pay here.) Today we’ll talk about that city built on greed out there in Nevada…


I have spent a week in Vegas on 3 different occasions, for work. I remember marveling at the surreal nature of what I think of as a colossal monument to sin and greed and avarice. And it seemed designed to numb you to it the longer you spent there. I remember a cab driver telling us that fairly often, a well-dressed businessman would get in his cab, hand him 10 or 20 bucks and say, “Will this get me to the airport? I came here with thousands of dollars in cash. This is all that’s left.” How sad.

I didn’t gamble while I was there, didn’t want to. Didn’t even pull the “free slot” at any of the casinos. Gambling is a bit of a hot button issue with me. But I’ll say this, if you’re not into the gambling and schtick entertainment in Vegas… it really has very very little to offer whatsoever.


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