An Open Letter to My Evangelical Friends

I love you guys, I truly do. I am, at heart, really still one of you (even though I’m a Methodist, and technically mainline). Even though some of you have told me that you’ve decided I’m not (literally praying for my soul).

But there is a large group of you who have decided your faith is defined by a political position that now consists of attempting to put a man into power who is, in the eyes of a shockingly high number of people, a danger to public safety (even as just a candidate).

I’ve argued that with some of you for a while, and I’m not doing that here today, because work starts soon.

Instead, I’m reminding you that not everyone who disagrees that this reprehensible individual should be president has abandoned their faith. No, on the contrary, we are seeing the current political landscape through the lens of faith. The lens of a faith that teaches us that the very highest and greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart and to love our neighbor (that includes our “enemy” as Jesus CLEARLY showed) as ourself.

That’s it. So… those of us who are not only not thrilled with the Republican party’s sad choice of candidate but who actively oppose him… we have not left the faith.

We are, in fact, making our decisions based on our living active faith in the God who rescued the refugee, elevated the place of women (even allowing a woman to bear the Son of God for the salvation of the world), and taught us that even if someone is different from us, they are worthy of love, of respect, of rescuing along the side of the road if need be.

We are faithfully considering that as we choose for whom to vote.

We are not sure you are.


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