Don’t Bother Figuring It Out

I’ve been making music and video and multimedia magic with computers for a very long time. Back in the day (that’s what old people say, but I’ll say it, too…) when we hit a wall, we called tech support, or a friend who also did what we are doing, or we just busted our heads against it until we found the solution.

But not anymore.

Recently, I discovered some very old stuff I wanted to open. Files that were nearly 20 years old, that aren’t recognized by the most recent version of the software (which still exists) that created it.

Normally, I’d search for weeks for answers, call tech support, call friends, and bash my head against the desk trying different things.

When I got on Facebook and asked on a forum of similar users, I had a relatively convoluted and difficult answer within FIVE MINUTES!

I ran into some problems and had to find some other answers. They came within seconds with a google search.

Folks, your parents and grandparents didn’t have the knowledge of the world in the palm of their hand. But you do.

So… here we are, in 2017, with all the knowledge of humanity seconds away.

Why aren’t we “better” yet?


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