Look closer.

Okay, the view of our bushes in front of the garage isn’t much… We were trimming bushes (Kathleen was doing it, I’m not allowed… she’s SO much better than I am at it) and as she was trimming these Juniper bushes…

…she heard quacking (and later HISSING…)

Mama stays right there sitting on the eggs most of the day, so any day now…

I’ve had birds make nests in my trees before, it’s fun.

Never had a family of ducks move in before.

Before you get all “Aw, how cute”… they’re a little nasty, think they own the place, complain about the coffee, have NOT paid a DIME in rent, never pick up after themselves, and are leaving a mess of feathers EVERYWHERE….

Can’t wait to see the chicks, though…


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