It’s All Good

There is not one single thing that can stand between you and the love of God in Christ Jesus. Not... One... Thing... This is the good stuff.



Have you seen those Virtual Reality glasses? Have you used them. Almost real, but not quite... Have you heard of Augmented Reality? Where your smartphone or tablet or computer helps you see what's real, but even better? What about "real" reality? Anybody still interested in that? This weekend at Norwood Grace we're going to "get … Continue reading Reality

Roman Holiday: The Real Meaning of Freedom So, as some of you probably know, today I started as a part-time pastor at a wonderful church called Grace United Methodist Church in Norwood, OH. Great leadership team there, and I'm really excited (not internet excited, where you say that about everything from breakfast to clipping your dog's nails... but real excited) about … Continue reading Roman Holiday: The Real Meaning of Freedom