beyond tracing out

“beyond tracing out” remains on sale (in either CD or mp3 format) for a RIDICULOUS PRICE at CD Baby. Check it here.

You can also get it on iTunes just by searching for “peter hamm beyond tracing out”. Heck, it’s even at, but for some reason it’s ridiculously expensive there…

Thanks everybody who bought a copy so far. I’m going to go ahead and update this space for those of you who are interested in the details or stories behind these songs.

Hands Feet Heart & Soul was written for for the church where I used to work. One year we did our own “Church Without Walls” event and went out and did service projects in the community instead of going to church one weekend. (They continue to do that every year.) I wrote this song for the series, and it has ended up really commemorating a great experience for all of us. In the years since I wrote this song, as a matter of fact, quite a few churches have asked me for the music. It’s what one of my friends calls my “greatest hit”.

Light Up The Sky is my personal idea of what God might have been thinking right before he said “Let There Be Light”, right before he put the rainbow in the sky for Noah, and right before that first Easter Sunrise. He was thinking of us! Even when he turned his back on Jesus for “a moment” on that cross.

Shout is basically Psalm 100. I figured the world needed one more “Shout to the Lord” song. (Just kidding, I’ve heard at least 3). You can’t shout praise to God with thanksgiving enough in my opinion! Just in passing, one of the singers in my church sings this WAY better than I do… (So I like it live much better.)

First is a song I wrote years ago. It’s basically scripture set to music. Always a fun sing-along I think. If we all did this, how much easier would all of our lives be.

Doxology is one of my favorites on here. It is, literally, the doxology from the end of Romans 11 set to music, from the NIV, word for word. I wrote this on a retreat a few years ago. It came to me in a few moments.

Whole Again is another of my favorites, and is my idea of a lament psalm. We cry out to God to be made whole again, and celebrate that he will… even before he does (perhaps especially before he does). This song gets more and more meaning for me over the years, as my own losses have gotten all tied up in it, and the losses of others close to me.

He is Not Here is Christmas and Easter all wrapped up in one package. I have heard from a LOT of people that this is their favorite in the collection.

Don’t Drive Me Away is my take on Psalm 51, a desperate cry to God for forgiveness. Just for fun, there is only one guitar on here, with an acoustic sound on one side, an electric sound on another, and a synth driver making a lot of the synth sounds and the bass… from just one guitar. Anyway, it’s just me havin’ fun…

Workmanship of God is a reminder that we were made by Him to do the things that were already prepared for us to do… so get out there and let’s do it! Love our neighbor, feed the hungry, tell the Story…

Amaze Me is my favorite song here. I got a comment card from church one day that said something to the effect that “God’s love continues to amaze me”. Whoever you are, you helped write this song. It took quite a while for the rest of it to come together, but as I was reading Psalm 8 one day, it all started to come together. “O Lord, our Lord, your majestic name fills the earth!”


Revised 09/11/11


2 thoughts on “beyond tracing out

  1. Hugh Talman says:

    Just bought the download to add to my collection.
    i heard a rumor that there is alive version of some of these songs?

    pressure on your leg


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