Taking a Knee

A while back a certain American politician/clergyman made some comments that I thought were really ridiculous. I remember saying, in disbelief and a little annoyance, that he shouldn't have been allowed to say something so insane (It really doesn't matter what it was... bear with me...). My older brother Michael said in answer, basically... "You … Continue reading Taking a Knee


Baseball fans. Matt Harvey just became a sermon illustration.

Incomplete metaphor alert. (I posted this this morning on a social media group. Thought some of y'all might like it.) Baseball fans. Matt Harvey just became a sermon illustration. Look, I get it. I don't play baseball or work in it, so I could be totally wrong, but as soon as they let a him … Continue reading Baseball fans. Matt Harvey just became a sermon illustration.


So, on the heels of the amazing perfect game feat by Philip Humber, we see an even rarer feat by Josh Hamilton yesterday. Four home runs in one game. Only 16 people have done this. That's fewer than have pitched that elusive perfect game, by the way. When Josh woke up yesterday morning, he had … Continue reading FOUR!


So... every single baseball player in Major League Baseball is wearing the same number today... 42... to honor a truly great athlete and great American, Jackie Robinson. When Jackie first started playing in the Major Leagues, he was working his "day job" in places where people of color weren't allowed to come watch him play! … Continue reading 42