More Like Pharisees.

Ugh. It turns out that we are more like pharisees than we are like Jesus. Barna proves it here. (Click for the study.) It's easy to just belly-ache and complain about how awful Christians are, but let's try something constructive. First, go read the parable of the prodigal son (so called). Imagine that you are … Continue reading More Like Pharisees.


How to Ruin Christmas

UPDATE! I'm not removing this article, because I think that it was still a bad idea, but only because when seen out of context it's misunderstood. The creators of this piece have explained the context for this. We are SUPPOSED to be offended by the number, as it is, in the context of the Christmas … Continue reading How to Ruin Christmas

“Good Riddance”

There are a number of articles floating around about the recent Pew Research study that supposedly shows that Christianity is declining. It's not a surprise to those of us who work in the church, but here's some interesting thoughts from this article. You’d think this news would concern those who care about the American church. … Continue reading “Good Riddance”

All Things New

So, this weekend I am just sitting by and worshipping while others take the platform and lead... for the last time for a while... Watching and listening from the back in a place where very few people know much about me yet. New beginnings are interesting. I've been blessed to encounter more than a few … Continue reading All Things New