Taking a Knee

A while back a certain American politician/clergyman made some comments that I thought were really ridiculous. I remember saying, in disbelief and a little annoyance, that he shouldn't have been allowed to say something so insane (It really doesn't matter what it was... bear with me...). My older brother Michael said in answer, basically... "You … Continue reading Taking a Knee


Gorilla Experts Unite

So now we're all gorilla experts. It reminds me of a story. Years ago I took a class from a guy who's hobby was tigers. No... real tigers. He had found a couple guys who were taking care of a pair of tigers that were part of a US Government program to breed more "docile" … Continue reading Gorilla Experts Unite

Stop the Hatred Now

(oversimplification alert) It starts innocently enough. A friend posts a story that makes up details and marginalizes one group of people at the expense of another and I repost it... Or... I share my prejudices with my child in an angry fashion, so that they pick it up and believe the same thing... even though … Continue reading Stop the Hatred Now

“Good Riddance”

There are a number of articles floating around about the recent Pew Research study that supposedly shows that Christianity is declining. It's not a surprise to those of us who work in the church, but here's some interesting thoughts from this article. You’d think this news would concern those who care about the American church. … Continue reading “Good Riddance”