My Favorite Musician… Ever…

I am going to gush here. I'm sorry. No, I'm not... but... There was a piano in the Hamm home way before there was me, and more importantly, there was always my brother John to play it. A favorite pastime for me is lying on the couch in the living room reading (I was ALWAYS … Continue reading My Favorite Musician… Ever…


The Best Adoption Story

Recently, we celebrated the 7 year anniversary of Charles' adoption. By next year's celebration of this event, he will have been adopted by us for more than half of his life. He's already been part of our family for that long (he was in our family for more than a year and a half before … Continue reading The Best Adoption Story

The Shift

My son is turning 14 this year. And he has shot up like a weed, like they all seem to do so quickly. He's already 5'5" and I think he grows a half-inch every time he takes a nap. A little while ago, I noticed "the shift" had begun. Let me explain. Phase One is … Continue reading The Shift

All Choked Up

It happened again this morning... I wanted to bust into tears when I dropped my son off at school (I don't normally drive him, but it was raining and thundering this morning, so I did). Maybe it was because my son had been away at Boy Scout Camp over the weekend, maybe it was the … Continue reading All Choked Up