Josiah’s Lunch Break

This past weekend, instead of preaching a sermon on the boy who gave his lunch away from John chapter 6, I wrote a story to illustrate it. I think it's far better to read the story than hear me read it to you, so here you go. One day a boy named Josiah said to … Continue reading Josiah’s Lunch Break


Bill Hybels Retires Early

So, one of my biggest heroes in the church world has fallen. Check it out here. ¬† "fallen" should be in quotes, because I'm not certain (how can I be) that the situation has been reported fairly, but other Christian leaders who have earned my trust have stepped up to state that they are very … Continue reading Bill Hybels Retires Early


Have you seen those Virtual Reality glasses? Have you used them. Almost real, but not quite... Have you heard of Augmented Reality? Where your smartphone or tablet or computer helps you see what's real, but even better? What about "real" reality? Anybody still interested in that? This weekend at Norwood Grace we're going to "get … Continue reading Reality

a meditation (song) for lent

Here's a song I wrote a number of years ago. I think this song (and the other 3 parts of this long extended suite... you can have it on this album right here, buy it or just listen for free...) make pretty decent meditations for lent. I hope you enjoy.