Taking a Knee

A while back a certain American politician/clergyman made some comments that I thought were really ridiculous. I remember saying, in disbelief and a little annoyance, that he shouldn't have been allowed to say something so insane (It really doesn't matter what it was... bear with me...). My older brother Michael said in answer, basically... "You … Continue reading Taking a Knee


Wasted Passion

I heard a statement on the radio that really struck me today. Watching sports and getting emotional about it, as so many of us do, is an excuse to get wildly passionate about something that, in the end, has absolutely no lasting impact or real meaningful importance in our lives. We get all excited that … Continue reading Wasted Passion

Champions All

I just saw an awesome Olympics interview. It was with an athlete who had no hope of a medal at these games, but who improved her personal best while competing. She was delighted by this, and you could see her beaming with pride as she talked about it. This... this is the kind of athlete, … Continue reading Champions All

Run in such a way as to win the prize… with excellence!

If you're a gold-medal winning swimmer, gymnast, decathlete, whatever... You train, you practice, you prepare, you do your best on practice day so that you can win whatever you're capable of... hopefully the "big prize"... Then when you're standing on that platform, the whole world says "well done". What a great image Paul gave us … Continue reading Run in such a way as to win the prize… with excellence!