It’s All Good

There is not one single thing that can stand between you and the love of God in Christ Jesus. Not... One... Thing... This is the good stuff.


Roman Holiday: The Real Meaning of Freedom So, as some of you probably know, today I started as a part-time pastor at a wonderful church called Grace United Methodist Church in Norwood, OH. Great leadership team there, and I'm really excited (not internet excited, where you say that about everything from breakfast to clipping your dog's nails... but real excited) about … Continue reading Roman Holiday: The Real Meaning of Freedom

Look closer.

Okay, the view of our bushes in front of the garage isn't much... We were trimming bushes (Kathleen was doing it, I'm not allowed... she's SO much better than I am at it) and as she was trimming these Juniper bushes... ...she heard quacking (and later HISSING...) Mama stays right there sitting on the eggs … Continue reading Look closer.


This is the last of several “song blogs” I’ll be doing to tell the stories behind the songs on “Protest Songs“. (You can listen or download for free or whatever you want to pay here.) Here's the final one for you.   I  couldn’t end on such a down note. The opportunity to be part of a community … Continue reading Together