I Give Leave

Forgiving yourself is sometimes harder than forgiving someone else, isn't it. And yet, since we've been forgiven, I figure that it's probably a good idea to do that. When I wrote this song, I was thinking about the amazing turns we go through. Very good and pious and right one minute and then deceitful and … Continue reading I Give Leave


More Like Pharisees.

Ugh. It turns out that we are more like pharisees than we are like Jesus. Barna proves it here. (Click for the study.) It's easy to just belly-ache and complain about how awful Christians are, but let's try something constructive. First, go read the parable of the prodigal son (so called). Imagine that you are … Continue reading More Like Pharisees.


Have you seen those Virtual Reality glasses? Have you used them. Almost real, but not quite... Have you heard of Augmented Reality? Where your smartphone or tablet or computer helps you see what's real, but even better? What about "real" reality? Anybody still interested in that? This weekend at Norwood Grace we're going to "get … Continue reading Reality