Protest Songs



Download here if you’d like, or just listen online.

There are no worship songs on this recording. I’ve done enough of that lately, and will do more again I’m sure. And I didn’t make this music thinking, “What do people want to hear” at all. Instead, here are some songs that I felt I “had to write” instead of “wanted to”. So, if you don’t like the music, that’s cool. In a sense, it wasn’t for you, primarily. It was for me. But if you like it, my joy is multiplied.

That said, I can’t imagine I’m the only person who sees the world in some of the ways I do, so here it is. Enjoy… or not…

Why “Protest Songs”? Because in a sense, all of these songs are a “protest”. Against what the world has become, what the church has become, what people of faith have become, what our biology allows us to become… against the monuments we build and are building and have built, against the human condition.

Also, one of the songs was called “Protest Song” but it’s not on here? Why? Because, quite frankly, it might be the most horrible song I’ve ever heard… and I had to record the whole thing to realize that it just stunk. So… you won’t ever hear it… Oh well… make an omelet… break some eggs…

I don’t think you can understand exactly where I am coming from with any of these songs without a Christian faith perspective or at least an understanding that the author is a Christian… but… you won’t find religious language, you won’t even find God named but once. But the awareness of God and what that means in the world is all over it.

Enjoy! And check out the song-blogs (coming one at a time):

if you can’t


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Production Notes:

This collection of songs was entirely performed and recorded by me. There is a LOT of Line 6 Helix involved. Most every guitar, bass and vocal was recorded using it and I’m thankful to Line 6 and particularly Eric Klein for it. The few that weren’t recorded with Helix were recorded with a MOTU Ultralite MK III. All recording, mixing and mastering was done using Logic Pro X.

 A lot of current recordings use a kind of “brick wall limiting” to compress the sound to compete with all the other songs that sound too loud on the radio. I have not done this here, opting for very careful mastering that still preserves the dynamics that I want you to hear in the music. You might have to turn it up just a notch or two higher than the latest Justin Bieber record or whatever.

 Tom Anderson’s guitars have been particularly inspirational to play and write with for the songs that were written recently (most of them). I also play a particularly wonderful Wechter Pathmaker that has been my only acoustic guitar for nearly two decades. You hear it on almost every single track.