Video Reel

Here is a small sampling of some of the videos I’ve created over the past few years. Unless otherwise indicated, these were shot and edited by me alone. Animations or titles are also mine.

This video, and a number of others, was created to accompany the launch of a capital campaign at Epiphany United Methodist Church. The videos were a big hit and the capital campaign was ultimately very successful!


Here is an example of an “event” video. This church engaged in a weekend of service instead of services in the church building. The entire video was shot on Saturday and Sunday, then edited and presented at a celebration for a Sunday evening service. This meant I spent two days driving all over town and all Sunday afternoon editing and pulling it together for the final event. The song had been specially written for this event, and was, in fact, heard for the first time during this video, which had a great emotional impact since no one knew it was coming. The congregation learned and sang the new song together in the same service for added effect.


This is typical of the “sermon illustration” videos I’ve made time and time again in the churches I’ve worked with. As is typical, we went from concept to shooting to editing and finalizing in a half-day with no budget, and the video worked perfectly with the sermon and drove the point home very well.


A fun little music video that I made for a local band (which I was in) in the late 1990s. Since I had access to lighting and camera equipment at work, we were able to shoot and edit this one with zero budget! Music videos are paced so fast that this one probably took way longer to edit per second of finished video than anything I’ve done since. The band footage was not shot by me, but the accompanying story was, and the editing was also performed by me.


©2017 Peter J. Hamm