“Hands, Feet, Heart and Soul” at the 2010 “Church in the Park” in Du Bois, Pennsylvania.

“Surrender” at Tri-County Church in 2010



©2011 Peter J. Hamm “Hands, Feet, Heart and Soul” and “Surrender” ©2008 Peter J. Hamm. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Videos

  1. Just picked up a pre-owned Crowdster Plus (not II) and called Tom Anderson with some issues and he told me about you. I read the article and looked at the videos and would like to talk to you for five minutes. I’m somewhat new in the game and am needing to get an amp and some stuff. I’m not going to be able to get the amount of things you have and need to get started. Please let me knoiw if you are open to a chat. I live in Lubbock Texas. My mom grew up on a farm in PA. I would also like to chat about worship in that part of the country to hear about what is happening there. We’re in the bible belt here and I know there are places where worshipping Christians are really in the minority. That can be tough. Take care brother.
    Neerly Bro’

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