I’ll get back to Romans next week, I promise…


But, for now… I’m going to share a few song lyrics, I think, for a little bit… Here’s one.This is a song lyric called “Anyway” that I wrote about 20 years ago. It’s about an imaginary “everyman” character, all his foul-ups, and how God feels about it all. It’s a good thought, I think.



He doesn’t pray too much.

Sometimes he drinks too much.

He doesn’t always feel so good.

Don’t do all the things he should.

Heaven knows his name.

Sometimes you feel the same.

He puts his coat back on.

He stops, then wanders on.

He bares his soul once in a while,

But it’s not really his style.

He feeds his wife and son.

He’s got his car and his job.

He’s got no joy in life,

But he brings a smile home to his wife.

He sees the evening news,

Falls asleep in his coat and his shoes.

When he kneels he waits for an answer,

But the spot on his soul like a cancer

Eats up the best of men,

Broken many, but it can’t touch him.

He says “I’ve seen better men.”

His soul is in a constant spin.

Talks like a sailor

And cries like a babe,

But God loves him




©2011 Peter J. Hamm. All rights reserved.